KPI Dashboard solution

Developed by infospeed, the KPI Dashboard is being offered by the social media technology web2monitor. The tool can be used both inside the Social Media Cockpit through web2monitor, or you can embed the KPI Dashboard to your existing system - for example into your own intranet, dashboard or any other system.

How it works

web2monitor collects your existing social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and monitors them regularly. It also retrieves the same information from your competitors. This way, web2monitor offers you a branch index, where you can compare your channels with those of the competition.


Social Media Key Performance Indicators (Social Media KPIs) are a part of social media measurement. With the help of indicators (Social Media KPIs), usually based on a scale of 1 to 10, all possible modes of communication in the social web, can be presented within web2monitor or inside your system. With those figures, you can measure the range of communication, have the trends of your branch analyzed, and also see the tonality of your products, campaigns or company image. Such figures are of high value for Social ROI, as they are easier to deal with than a massive and unstructured data from the web without the proper social media monitoring technology.


web2monitor Screenshots.